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My session with with Lynette was profound and deep and interesting.  It spurred a new understanding on a level that seems nearly untouchable.  It is my opinion that Lynette successfully holds a safe container for her clients to feel comfortable to go into previously unknown territory.  I’m grateful for her support to understand myself better.


My experience with Lynette was much more powerful than I could've ever anticipated.  When we met for our session, I felt an immediate trust and comfort level with her. She made it very easy for me to go in completely unguarded and share things with her that I've never shared with anyone.  Several weeks after the session I started noticing some changes around some of the personal things we discussed. These are very positive changes that I have no doubt are a result of my session with Lynette.


My session with Lynette was incredible and brought forth a lot of guidance for myself for future healing. She made the experience very comfortable, and the discussion we had afterwards was very insightful. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to do some deep self-exploration.


The session I had with Lynette was definitely an experience that I will forever be grateful for. After my session was done I felt a relief (I don't know how to explain it) but it was a good relief. A few days later, I listened  to my recording and I received the most PROFOUND & BEAUTIFUL message that I needed to hear at that time and moment. It was so clear to me and I was able to make a decision about a situation that I was able to handle without any regrets. I seriously recommend everyone who is willing and open to experience their own unique session with Lynette.


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