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The Medusa in the Mirror

Welcome to our tree house! 

Today we are featuring the myth of Medusa. It's a highly symbolic tale, rich in its metaphoric layers, and congruently, her themes are extremely relevant in today's world. We break it down in the afterglow of the potent Scorpio Full Moon, which aligned with ALGOL, the star named for Medusa's blinking eye on her severed head. 

Medusa is a snake goddess, a representation of the wise feminine. Snake medicine is potent medicine to be handled with care. Like Medusa's blood, it can be as regenerative as it can be destructive. 

It's no wonder that the harsh abortion bans crescendo under the Scorpio Full Moon,  the sign which governs all things "private," including the genitals. It's also auspicious that the tale of Medusa, a woman punished for her own sexuality, and/or punished for being a victim of sexual assault, arises in congruence with abrasive laws which punish only the woman for an occurrence that TAKES TWO PEOPLE!

Thank you for joining us as we divulge in the serpentine goddess energy today.

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