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The Fallen Fruit, Episode 9: TFW you have Serpent DNA

In this episode we are discussing S N A K E S + Serpents. The serpent is a profoundly mysterious and captivating symbol revered throughout all of time and across all different cultures. We know. It's insane! Which is why we are dishing about all things serpentine today. Stephanie shares about her spiritual snake encounter, Catherine talks about Moses' relationship with the snake, and Lynette elaborates on the alchemical properties of snake medicine and their prominence as a symbol in the psyche. We recorded this episode on 8/12/19 in Cleveland, Ohio. Side note - did you know that in southern Ohio there is a calendric earthen mound called Serpent Mound? It's true. And it's so ancient, that very little information survives about the mound itself or the people who built it. It's spooky for sure, but also fascinating. Another neat tidbit that didn't make it into this week's cast? There are 2 crystals with serpent namesake: Serpentine and snakeskin agate. We would love to hear from you! Connect with us on Instagram: @thefallenfruitpodcast

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