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The Fallen Fruit, Episode 13: Introducing the Magical Miranda Scott

Welcome back to the Tree House! We are the Fallen Fruit (Lynette Ramos, Stephanie Ginese and Catherine Urban) - 3 babes from Cleveland Ohio who discuss metaphysics, tarot, astrology, feminism, witchcraft, hypnosis, plant medicine, activism and more. There are no limits here! Today we have a super special guest: The Magical Miranda Scott, owner and curator of Cleveland's favorite metaphysical shop, Coven. Miranda opens up about her story - one of immense overcoming, magic, healing and empowerment. Miranda is incredibly magical - she's such a badass and at the same time incredibly sweet and genuine. We've all grown to adore Miranda as a friend and as the curator of the magickal hub we've all been craving here in Cleveland.

Visit Coven on Instagram @covencle, or visit

Thank you for joining us for another juicy episode!

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