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The Dark Phase of the Moon

Following natural rhythm, the Moon cycles through her phases of darkness and luminosity every month. These phases of peak action and calm reflective integration also occur in our own lives.


In this episode we discuss our recent hiatus, the value of concentrating your roots,  and various periods in life which call for shedding your skin. The Dark Moon phase also shows up in the Earth's seasons, and in different seasons in our lives. We live in a sun-worshiping culture that does not value enough the dark. Today, we discuss the value of the dark moon phase.  Stephanie shares her experience with discussing death with her kids, we get into the astrology of the progressed Moon and the Jupiter return and what we can do to move *with* these phases in our lives.

Thank you for joining us in the tree house today.

Listen in on ITunes, Anchor or on YouTube with the link below.

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