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Happy Mother's Day!

Mother's day can be a time of celebration, indifference and even sorrow. I want to share a story from a Quantum Healing session that I think we can all learn something from. 

If you're a mom, I want to take this opportunity to commend you for all of the times you loved and cared for your child/ren when you were sick, stressed or overwhelmed. All of the times you simply did your best when you weren't sure exactly what to do. 

Mom's can have thankless times, but we also experience pure joy and pride when we see our children doing things for the first time or when they demonstrate kindness and resilience. These are the moments that far outweigh the sacrifices that we choose to make.

If you're not a mom or have a challenging relationship with your own mother, this day can either just feel like another day or possibly trigger uncomfortable emotions.

I have a quick story I want to share about a Quantum Healing session that I feel can help us better understand some of the difficult relationships we all encounter.

I had a client that had a very difficult relationship with her mother. She experienced feelings of abandonment and resentment, so in the session we explored this relationship dynamic.  

In the session, she went back to when she was in her mother's womb and could feel the anger and pain her mother was feeling. She knew she was at the abortion clinic and wasn't wanted. She sensed the tension with her mother and father. Despite this and her own resistance of being born she knew she was supposed to be born to fulfill her karmic debts. She had little support in life, but she choose this from the soul level to experience triumph of her soul and heart. That nothing and no one could crush her! She even saw her and her mother shaking hands as if they completed a task like a business transaction. They had fulfilled their soul contract on earth. Her mother taught her that she was resilient and powerful, but definitely not in the traditional sense.

Life can be complex and our human understanding is limited to the larger more expansive purpose of the soul.

We all have teachers in our life, and some can assist us by opposing and challenging us. We may not like these teachers that show up for us, but hopefully we can look at our relationships with a fresh set of eyes and do our best to see what we can take away from the experience. 

I hope the lesson from this session can help you explore any challenging relationships that you have, so that maybe you can forgive and find more peace within.

Again, to my mother's thank you for doing your best.

Feel proud of what you did well and forgiveness for what you could have done differently!

Happy Mother's Day!



P.S. I'm here to assist you if you're experiencing any challenges or if you're working at taking yourself to the next level of creativity and success.

I offer Quantum Healing Hypnosis, oracle card readings and energy clearings to name a few.

Check out the services tab on my website for more info!

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