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I was inspired by the quote below and hope you are too!

I was watching "My Next Guest" a David Letterman show on Netflix, and in this episode he interviewed Kayne West. Kayne made a statement that really had an impact on me.

He said, "I love people being the maximum version of their character. I love people being themselves".

I immediately started thinking about what this really meant for me and what the maximum version of me looked like?

I made a note to myself to sit with this the following day, so that I could brainstorm and do some self inventory.

So today I sat with the idea and asked myself the following questions...

  • what does the maximum version of me look like?

  • what does she like to do?what brings her joy?

  • what are her interest?what is she good at?

  • what does she dream of doing?

  • what does she need to do or not do to live in her highest expression?

As I allowed the information, visualizations and feelings to come to me, it felt great to be reminded that I can do all that I desire with some patience and courage. I realized that in some cases I don't have the external evidence that I am on the right track, but that I DO see my progression and all of the momentum I have created. Timing is everything and we must detach from when and how things will unfold. I simply need to continue to move forward with trust and an open mind, and a willingness to course correct and do things outside of my comfort zone. 

I wanted to share this as I think many of us would find it beneficial to ask ourselves the same question...

Who is the maximum version of our character, ourselves?

I encourage you to ask yourself some of the questions I asked myself and to come up with your own questions. Maybe you could even write them down.

If you feel compelled, respond to this email with what came up for you.

Hope this helps you to become more aligned with who you truly are!

With love,


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