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5 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

Yesterday I felt incredibly anxious. It could have been the afternoon iced latte since caffeine and I have a cautious relationship, but as the day carried into the night I felt it was something more.

I posted on Facebook asking...Is it me or is anxiety in the air?

So many people responded that they were also experiencing anxiety which initially surprised me, but after thinking about does make sense.

Aren't we all energetically connected?

Aren't we all part of the greater whole?

If many of us are feeling similar emotions or tapping into the overall energies, are we then also imprinting or affecting the overall energies? The hermetic principle- As above, so below; as below, so above...says yes.

This principle helps to make clear that we are not only picking up on the greater reality, but that our own energy and emotions are creating ripples that affect everyone and everything. If we can see the truth in this, we can do our best in managing our emotions and behaviors for our own obvious benefit and also to create a more harmonious home, work place, etc.

Here are 5 tips to assist with anxiety:

Breathe- This is highly underestimated as it seems so simple, but taking a moment to breathe, focus on your heart and embodying the emotions of compassion, gratitude or love will help you feel more peaceful. If you do this for at least 3 minutes biological changes will occur helping your body move from stress to peace. Click here to learn more about the mind-heart coherence technique.

Use visualization- Choose a color that brings you peace. Many use the color green as each color holds a specific frequency and green brings calm. Imagine yourself surrounded by the color of your choice and feel the color penetrating through your body and breathe slowly. Click here to learn more about utilizing color energy.

Sit with your emotions- Sometimes getting rid of an uncomfortable emotion isn’t doing yourself any good. Sit with the feeling and ask it what it’s trying to show you. Is the feeling a warning to make an adjustment with your thoughts or behavior or is it fear of something that hasn’t and may likely not happen?

Go out in nature- Breathing some fresh air or getting your bare feet in the grass will help you ground and help you restore rational and calm behavior.

Exercise- Getting your body moving can help you release any uncomfortable energy/emotion and gives your mind something constructive to focus on.

I hope some of this resonates!

Let me know if you tried any of my suggestions, and how they worked for you.

Also, share your go-to's for managing anxiety.

I wish you well!

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