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Lynette suffered with depression since she was 15 years old. She struggled for many years with low self-esteem and an overall dissatisfaction of life. She encountered mental and sexual abuse at different points in her life that prompted her to work with a therapist. In therapy, she worked through sorting through her emotional challenges, but felt there was more healing that she needed to do. She began to study the mind-body connection as she was determined to heal.

In 2011 she received a Bachelor of Divinity degree at The University Metaphysical Sciences where her areas of study included hypnosis, world religion, psychic skills, shadow work, meditation, channeling, astrology, breath work, divination and healing the inner child to name a few.

In 2013 she began her travels to Central and South America to participate in Shamanic ceremonies and rituals. She received healing at deep levels and felt inspired to assist others in their own healing journeys.

Eventually she was certified in the technique created by the hypnosis pioneer Dolores Cannon who created Quantum  Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) that would allow people to do some of the deeper subconscious and self-healing work. Facilitating this technique has helped her understand firsthand, how powerful the human mind is and that we all have the ability to heal ourselves from pain, fears, addictions, sickness and any other limiting experience. She feels blessed to be able to use the wisdom from her own painful experiences and her completed research and studies to assist others with healing and reaching their highest potential.

Lynette also offers hand on healing with Integrated Energy Therapy/IET. This modality connects the client with the angelic realm to assist in releasing energy blockages that can be caused by physical trauma, exhaustion, surgery, emotional crisis, stress, fear, self limiting thoughts and suppressed feelings. In addressing these blocks at the cellular level, the natural  vital life force energy can be resumed within the body that may prevent energy depletion and disease.

Lynette has infused the Quantum Healing and IET with her own unique imprint. She includes sound healing with tuning forks and a rattle, connects her clients with spirit helpers (ancestors and guides), uses her indigenous (Puerto Rico) healing/clearing products and her training in hypnosis to assist the client in shifting their consciousness to a higher vibratory state that can initiate self-healing.

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